Hi! My name is Cori Nations. Not to be confused with the ax-wielding Carry Nation. I just wield Canons.

cori circle.jpg

I am married to the goofiest, most lovable and competitive man in St. Louis and we are parents of 5 beautiful children here, and 4 in heaven. We are passionate Catholics and strive to deepen our faith every day. We are homeschoolers. We are fun loving, outdoorsy people. We will dare you to beat us at Cranium (only one couple has!) and are excited to play card games. My husband, Larry, loves to smoke meat, and I love to cook. We are the Nations.

Being a photographer is the best job ever, especially for this ADHD person. There isn’t a day that goes by that offers the same thing as the previous day and I love photographing God’s beauty in all things. But, to tell you the absolute truth? The thing I love to photograph the most … is babies. Professional baby snuggler, is at the top of my resume. I am sure just about any mom can agree, baby snuggles are the best!

My favorite colors are red and pink. I love ruffles on just about anything. When you see me in person, I am usually wearing polka dots, stripes and florals. At the same time. I want you to have beautiful photos to cherish for years to come. Don’t hide them in on a hard drive. Proudly display them! I want every mom to have a gorgeous photo of themselves so that their granddaughter can find it one day. You should also know that I hands-down truly believe that sprinkles can make any day better.

I can’t wait to meet you and yours.

St. Veronica, pray for us.

Cori Nations

Wait! There’s more!

Cori Nations Photography isn’t just Cori! We are happy to let everyone know that we are bringing on like-minded photographers to make sure we can manage all of our clients needs. Meet Kiera!

Keira circle.jpg

Hi! I’m Kiera. I’m quiet and a little shy, so I don’t often let my passion or excitement show. The most excitement you’re likely to see from me is “that’s awesome!” and a big smile. Beneath that calm exterior, though, lie a lot of passions. I’m passionate about family. My husband of 15 years, Jay, and I didn’t think we’d be able to have children for the first couple of years we were married, but after many prayers to the Child Jesus and St. Gerard, we have three children who I am privileged to homeschool. I love being a wife and mother. There are few sounds sweeter than my children’s laughter, which I get to hear often because they, like their father, are goofy and fun. I’m passionate about the Catholic Faith. My husband and I have been devoted to the traditional Mass since 2002 and we try to let the Faith influence every aspect of our lives. I’m passionate about learning, on both ends of the spectrum: as a student and as a teacher. I have a degree in education and I teach catechism as well as in our homeschool co-op. I’m also passionate about the arts, particularly writing and photography, both of which bring me deep joy. I write on my blog (talkingintheshower.wordpress.com) as often as possible and I practice photography at every opportunity. These passions alone are a joy, but when they come together, they are bliss. Combining these passions gives me energy and excites me. I love combining photography with my love of the Faith and family. Photographing Mass, sacraments, and families is an honor and I am thrilled to join Cori Nations Photography, where I can combine these passions, although you may see no evidence of it in my stoic nature. But that smile? It’s genuine!