Tween Portrait Photos, St. Louis, Missouri

Birth photography? Check. Newborn photos? Done. First year milestone sessions? Scheduled for 3, 6, and 9 months. First birthday and cake smash photos? Absolutely!

We parents tend to do a great job of documenting baby's first year, bcause we know if we don't catch each phase as it's happening, it could be over and gone after the next nap. But as they grow into big kids and tweens and teens, we often lose the urgency for capturing who they are in this moment because their growth isn't as rapid and obvious.

Don't fall for it!

These kids of ours, they never stop. They're not going to be the same tomorrow, no matter what age they are.

Let's all just slow down for one minute and make sure our tweens know we love them for who they are right now, not for the cute babies or precocious toddlers they used to be, or for the successful adults they are going to be, but for the important pieces of the family and the amazing people they are on this day. We all need to be reminded of that, big kids included.

[Owning it: that whole paragraph is completely cliche. But that's because it's completely true.]

And if you homeschool or just want an alternative to Picture Day, a yearly portrait session for your school-age children will be something you and they will enjoy looking back on together.

Sure, their growth isn't always as obvious as taking a first step or speaking a first word, but the fact that big kid milestones are often more subtle is even more reason to be present, take notice, and share memories.