The Anniversary Session

It has been said that “when two people are in love, they can conquer the world.” Said by someone I once met, but I don’t remember who said it. But, take it from me. It was said. I see this in my work every time I get a couple in front of my lens.


I first met Katie, what seams like, a long time ago. So in mom time it was most likely a year ago… you know what I’m talking about here moms. When time just seems to vary depending on what it is you are trying to remember? The time it takes for your kiddos to get their shoes on seems like FOR-EV-ER. But the time it takes for your child to go from a newborn to a full fledged toddler seems like a SECOND. The struggle is real folks. This is why mom’s are kinda nuts. Or is it just me?


Anywho. I met Katie while teaching one of my photography classes. She is a gorgeous person you guys. Inside and out. She is such a sweet and wonderful mother and wife. I got to see her a second time when she brought her kiddos to me for a Christmas mini session. Seriously, an amazing person.


So I was ecstatic when she won the giveaway I did for a date night package. She won an Anniversary session, a $20 gift card to Stacked (MY FAVE) and a $10 gift card to Ted Drewes! So she and her hubby made a night of it!


We met at a little open air (fancy words for run down) church by SLU, and I got to meet her husband, Sean. These two are so much in love you guys. The kind of love that moves mountains. The kind of love sappy love songs are written about. Can't you see it?