The Big Picture, one detail at a time

Christmas morning magic only last for minutes.  Quickly the precious seconds of excitement and paper mess, squeals of delight and big smiles are over.

Everything depends on you- the photographer - to get. the. shot.

This year my friend received her new camera and hoped for the best using the Auto feature.  Only a few of her pics came out clear; most were a blurry mess.  So much for her archiving 2015 Christmas morning.

What happened?

Today I had a mini Mama's Gotta Snap class for her.  She's a big picture thinker who confused the ISO camera setting with the U.S.O. service organization.  We had a great time together working with her new camera, even if she did have show tunes running through her mind.  She learned that it's all those small details in photography which make a bigger, clearer photograph for everyone to enjoy.   (Want to learn more about your camera?  There are class openings for our February Mama's Gotta Snap class, learn more HERE.)

Where she is just beginning her education in photography, a new Cori Nations Photography Studio is in its infancy planning stages housed right in our backyard garage.

There are a million tiny details which need to be planned to make the Big Picture.  Yes, I dream of a cozy desirable photography studio- the envy of photographers all over the world.  But do I need a right-hand swing door or a left-hand swing door?  What about the water heater?  Will there be enough room to sit down?

It's all those details which must be decided before a studio can ever get off the drawing table.  Each decision depends on another small detail which spirals into more small details.  But just like in learning to shoot great images, those small details will make a great photography studio.

Like my friend often says, "when you can't figure out the details, Smile!  And use jazz hands." 

Just don't ask me to sing.

Be sure to watch our progress as we transform this space into our dream studio!

Original images from house's listing, 2015