Spring Family Portraits, Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis for any length of time, you soon experience the Midwest's delightful talent for squeezing weather from at least three different seasons into a single week. February and early March brought us enough sunshine and warmth to spring all the first flowers and buds into view, and now those poor blooms are being hit with a week of snow and below freezing temperatures. I call foul!

The weather outside might be back to winter this week, but let's all pretend the heater didn't just kick back on again and instead look forward to the coming warm days when we can get out in short sleeves and enjoy the company of family under the blossoming trees.

This beautiful family didn't really need any help from the surroundings, but still the Missouri Botanical Gardens is a location with lovely light and backdrops in any season.

Are you planning to schedule any photo sessions to take advantage of the coming Spring weather and blooms? Now is the time - St. Louis could flip back from coats and mittens to shorts and sandals any day!