Propping up a picture, Gemma, Newborn

Props and newborn photography have been a huge sensation ever since Anne Geddes' sat three babies in a washtub.  Who can resist those darling faces costumed out with clever props?

This is Gemma, my little Anne Geddes's model for the morning.  I had a chance to play around with a few new ideas in my newborn photography repertoire.  Gemma is a little girl with four older brothers.  So for her photo session, her mom and I decided to play.

Like my last post Take What's Yours and Make it Your Own, Gemma's mom brought something very sentimental.  Gemma's mother brought flowers from a beautiful succulent plant picked from her mother's mother's yard.  After the death of her spouse, Great- Grandma came to live with Gemma's grandparents.  The intention is to move the plant before Great-Grandma's house is sold. What a thoughtful way to tie generations together.

Wait a minute... 4 generations of women in that family?  Did anyone catch that?  Time to schedule another photo session!  That is another wonderful (and for some families very rare) occasion to photograph. 

 ( I feel another blog post coming on!)


Next we had this darling snug-a-bug dressed as a springtime flower.

Finally we had the glorious heirloom Baptismal gown.  See how this family embroidered each child who wore the gown into the slip?  What a Pinterest worthy idea!

We had a wonderful time together capturing these quiet moments in Gemma's life.  And as we know with an infant,  these fleeting quiet moments quickly disappear.

As always I'd love to work with you and your family.  Have any heirlooms you'd like to capture in a portrait?  I'd be happy to help.