Mom's In Business - Cory Grizzle with WildTree, St. Louis, Missouri

I have a love of helping other mom's in business. It is a difficult thing to balance being and entrepreneur and having a family. So I thought I would try to do some blog posts that highlight these women. First up, Cory Grizzle. Soon to be a mom of 10! I had the opportunity to photograph her at a beautiful location for her headshots, and then I got to meet the rest of the crew in St. Charles for her family portrait. What a blessing!

Name: Cory Grizzle

Company Name: Wildtree

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How long has your business been around? Wildtree was founded in 1996 by Leslie Montie who began the company because she was a single mother with two children who had severe health issues.  She began to make all natural, organic spice blends in her own kitchen for her family and shared them with family and friends who encouraged her to begin a business.  I joined in 2015 and as my children grow older, I realize that I can have it all - at least all that I want.

Why did you choose to start this company? I chose to join Wildtree in 2015 because I had been using the product since 2011 and my youngest developed some pretty severe dairy and soy allergies.  I knew that with Wildtree, I wouldn't have to discipher and question the labels and I wouldn't have to sacrifice flavor for the sake of keeping my family healthy.  I continue to build a business because of the company that truly builds its representatives up in order to make everyone's lives better for their families. The support I've gotten from all my Wildtree friends is unbelievable and inspiring.

What makes this business so unique? Wildtree carries all natural, organic, quality blends, oils and sauces that are safe for those with severe allergies.  Most products are Certified Gluten Free, all are GMO free, 100% Peanut free and free of all unnecessary additives, dyes, and fillers. These products are made for those who need or want a specific diet and for those who just want to make healthy meals for their family easier. Wildtree offers Freezer Meal Workshops in which a host invites people to her home and everyone easily makes 10 meals for an average size family (4-6) and takes them home to have made ahead meals for future dinners. Everything is easy, streamlined, fun and affordable - about $4 per serving! Wildtree offers a wide array of flavors from the taco and spaghetti staples to the Ethiopian and Tuscan exotics. 

Do you have a storefront? Do you work from home? I work from home in front of my computer.  I utilize social media to spread the word and work getting orders in for workshops and customers who appreciate the ease of healthy eating provided by Wildtree. I also travel to people's homes to aid them in Wildtree workshops.

How do you balance it all? I work harder every day at balance and look at it not as an even distribution of work/family/leisure time, but a see saw of work hard, play hard.  I have schedules that I constantly change up when things aren't working and I teach my children to set their own schedules and goals and we constantly talk through the important issues of life.  I also do not take on the entire work load of the household.  I have older children who are capable of doing some of the household chores as a part of the family that keeps it running.  They take on these responsibilities while I take on others.

What is one piece of advice you can give to any mom starting their business? Create boundaries with your time and space and know that when you are finished accomplishing a few goals, you are on to the next part of the puzzle - family, projects, leisure time - to make that balance successful.  And be ready to motivate yourself. Find a good blog, book, podcast and fill your life with positive motivation. (Sorry, that's more than one)

What is the best aspect about having your own business? I can focus on something for me that also benefits my family in so many ways.  It's me time that isn't selfish!

What is the part you struggle with the most in business? For people who know me, they may be surprised that I have a self-confidence problem.  I am not very forthright in asking for what it is that I want.  I work on that every day and it is the one thing that holds me back from accomplishing my goals faster.

What did you wish you knew before starting a business? I wish I knew that I could do it.  I wasn't sure when I started.  I analyzed and overthought way too much.  I wish I had just jumped in, believed that everyone needs healthy meals and a healthier way to eat (we do!!) and that Wildtree is the answer for many busy, busy families out there!

Fun Facts about Cory:

What do you love to do when you're not being supermom? I love to sing! It brings me joy.  I have sung in choirs since I was four. My mother was the Church organist until just a couple of years ago and we played many weddings and funerals together.  You might catch me on a karaoke stage at one time or another.

What is your favorite household product? Well, besides my cabinet full of Wildtree, I love my Norwex cloths - (shout out to my MANY friends who sell Norwex!) Healthy cleaning at its best - check it out!

What wardrobe staple can you not live without? So I have two. Flip Flops - grungy, colorful, dressy, sparkly, I have them all. And long, flowy, comfy maxi skirt - very pretty and great for days I don't want to shave.

What was your first job? Technically, I helped run my parents' paper route business all the way through grade school, high school AND college.  I learned a lot about hard work through them.  In college, I began working as a bank teller for St. John's Bank.  I made more money, but didn't learn as much.

What celebrity would you love to have dinner with? Jimmy Fallon. Hands down. He makes me laugh at every skit he does and I just want to play one of his games or have a lip sync contest.  And if he could invite Justin Timberlake, I would totally go to  Camp Winnipesaukee. 

What was the last book you read? Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden - excellent motivational and educational book on why and how we need to avoid the escalator and do the things we don't want to do to get to where we want to go.

Is there any piece of advice, tips, events happening or discounts you would like to share with our readers? I love Wildtree for so many reasons, and one of them is for the make ahead meal planning that saves me time and energy on so many days.  Wildtree offers make ahead freezer meal workshops in which the workshoppers make 10 freezer meals with Widltree products all nicely organized with labels, recipes, suggestions and substitutions, so it is completely customizable.  I even offer the services of a local butcher who will put together all the groceries needed for the workshop and deliver on the day or evening.  Each meal serves 4-6 people, but can be adjusted for your family size and the price, at about $4 a serving can't be beat for the time you'll be saving for busy nights. Booking a workshop gets the host some pretty great benefits, like free product!

Discounts: Anyone who books a workshop and mentions that they heard about it from this blog will also get a free full size product of their choice ($12 or less) at their workshop.