I forget.

There are many things a business owner forgets. Many things a mom forgets. Many things I forget. I have loads and loads of ways to try and make sure I don't forget. I have a to-do list a mile long on my phone. Which is synced to my husband's phone. So he can remind me. I have a list on paper that I can check off when I get something done. I even have some things written on my hand at times. Those are the terribly busy times. Between homeschooling, having a new little one at home, running a multi-faceted business, being a wife, running a 6 week fish fry... there are loads of things I don't want to forget to do.

But most of all, I don't want to forget this:

EVERYTHING else can slack a little.

As you all may know we have 4 children now. an almost 13 year old, an 11 year old and a 10 year old... and a 6 week old. I don't remember the times when my older crew were little.

I don't remember their little quirks. I don't remember how they interacted with me as they were growing older. I don't remember their first smiles, and their silly faces. I just don't remember. I was too busy trying to survive motherhood. I was too busy trying to clean, cook, and try to get a shower in here or there. You see, at one point my children were 1, 2, and 3. Times were tough. My husband worked a lot. I worked. I worked at my business when I could. It. Was. Difficult.

But I don't want to forget this time. I want to document each and everything I can. From her beautiful nursery to her beautiful smiles. I. DON'T WANT TO FORGET. I'm not waiting for the perfect hair and the perfect outfit. I'm documenting it. No matter what.

I had everyone color some pictures out of my many coloring books so we could use them to decorate Ruby's nursery. I chose the colors so the would all be cohesive. Even my husband colored one, and my 11 year old son. Remember.

Who colored which sheet? Top row, left to right: Me, Dru, Larry, Brody. Middle row: Me, Dru, Dru, Dru. Bottom Row: Carleigh, Me, Carleigh, Carleigh.

Who colored which sheet? Top row, left to right: Me, Dru, Larry, Brody. Middle row: Me, Dru, Dru, Dru. Bottom Row: Carleigh, Me, Carleigh, Carleigh.

In true Carleigh fashion, she had to add her own flair to a project. She put one dot in a navy color that wasn't one of the colors I had wanted. Ruby loves that dot. She is often looking at it while getting her diaper changed. Remember.

My son wanted Ruby to have an image of Mary in her room. So he painted her one after we learned about water color in our homeschool art class. Remember.

I painted little animal watercolor images after one of these classes.

While driving home one day, we cut through the alley. We happened across this beautiful dresser. My son and I had a heck of a time getting it into the car with me being pregnant. We laughed the entire time. We fixed it up and painted it white. Remember this!

Many friends have prayed with us for a healthy baby, and prayers were answered.  Many have celebrated her birth and Baptism with us and we are so ever grateful. These gifts will always be cherished. Remember, Cori. Remember.

While we waited for this beautiful gift, Ruby, I had a difficult time trusting. Trusting that God will provide. Then one day I let it all go into His hands. Then the whirlwind happened. I allowed myself to buy things for her nursery and then let it all happen. This was one of the first purchases. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. But completely beautiful. Remember this. I need to remember how I felt when I gave it all over to God. It was an amazing feeling.

As I sit here almost in tears, I try to remember. Remember the times when my "varsity squad" (Thanks Joe Hodes for the term) was little. When my dad wanted to take them to ice cream all the time. When I'd get upset when my grandma wanted to spoil them. What I did to soothe them. What I did to manage not going crazy or how I got a shower. I don't remember.

But I won't forget any longer. I've photographed it, and sent it to the lab for printing. So if I forget, and let's be serious... I will. At least I will have a reminder to jog my memory. I wish I'd taken the time to photograph the lost memories. And there they are. Tears.

Many blessings to you,