2016 Year in Review | Cori Nations Photography

I know this is later than most people do their year in review. But, I'm going with it! This time last year I was working on setting goals for 2016. Getting my marketing plans together. Excited to be pregnant with Agnes Elizabeth. Getting back into the grind of homeschooling my kiddos.

My business goals last year were simple:

          Post to social media 3 times a week (totally failed this one! Although February was great!)

          Schedule at least 2 sessions a week (completely surpassed this)

          Post to the blog twice a week (totally failed this as well!)

I'm pretty much doing the same thing this year. Except I am profoundly pregnant, and can hardly move and anxiously awaiting Ruby Louise's grand entrance. We've been working hard on a nursery; more pictures to come on this. I've also been working on marketing plans, and setting goals. Which was easy because they are the exact same ones!

I wanted to reflect on 2016 for a bit. I can't believe how many people came across my lens this past year. Close to 300! I was able to see new little ones during our newborn sessions, and witness long term love in lasting relationships in our 12 minute anniversary sessions. I saw growing families, and love come to fruition. And you thought your job was cool.

There is something about being a photographer that no other job can give. It's the little things that you get to notice. Siblings holding hands, hugging each other.... I know this is different than the normal and hectic day to day of families, but all in all the relationship is there. And I get to see it. Bringing out the love between two people. There is nothing better. I wish every job was filled with happy people as mine is.

Enough about me rambling on. I wanted to show you the 2016 client slideshow! This is my work. This is my life. I'm so glad you've shared yours with me.


Did you catch that deal? $50 off for any 2016 clients booking a 2017 session, if booked by 1/12/17. You can choose your date, choose your month, or purchase a gift certificate! You can purchase yours here:

Much love and many thanks to my 2016 clients. As I take the next few months off to enjoy the coming of our new little one, please know that I am here for when you need me. I will still be working with my current clients from 2016 for any milestone sessions!